The Common Slip And Fall Accidents In Toronto

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Slip and fall accidents are common, especially on the slippery walkways which are covered with ice. These accidents can be circumvented by paying attention and being cautious while walking. The people must wear the right kind of footwear while walking on slippery pathways to avoid any accident. But sometimes, the hazards or accidents take place despite of being careful.

We always associate the accidents from vehicles as harmful or one which causes severe injuries. But on the other hand, the injuries from falls are also devastating and it might result in a severe lifelong injury or a disability. When a person slips and falls, he experiences a wide range of injuries which can be minor or major. The falls may lead to some traumatic injury in the brain, loss of consciousness, spinal injury, fracture, and many more. Some of the symptoms of the injuries remain throughout the life of the victim.

A familiar case talks about a woman who fell on the laneway in Toronto while she was heading for her school. The road was topped with snow and she slipped and fell down. The woman got a fracture in one of her wrists and her buttocks and head got injured. Even after years of the accident, the woman continues to suffer pain in the affected areas.

Apart from physical injuries, she suffered other loses too. She was not able to complete her course of the University and she failed her exams.

On the other hand, the city was negligent towards the maintenance and proper care of the laneway. On pretext of this, the woman’s husband wrote a complaint to the Municipal Corporation mentioning his wife’s testimonial along with it. But the Municipal was of no help to him. The city has turned a blind eye towards the common slip and fall accidents which occur in the city.

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