Five things to know about the government’s proposed family law changes

The family laws of the Canada are changing. You should get well informed about as those changes as well. Family law lawyers in Oakville can help you to understand all the nitty-gritties about the new features easily. They can make you understand why the changes are taking place now and why it is becoming more important to know what the legal terms mean exactly.

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The revision of the marriage law of Canada may not be a topic for the election, but it is not a surprising reform either. Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould stated that the revision was a personal agenda for her to pay attention to the calls for the changes of the Divorce Act. Family law lawyers in Oakville among other law firms support the revision of the marriage law.

In the new bill the language of the acts will be concentrating more on the wellbeing of the children. Therefore the words like access and custody might be getting replaced. These terms has already generated conflicts between divorcing parents and impacted the children in the due process. The Family law lawyers in Oakville can explain to you the meaning of the new terms such as ‘parenting time’, and ‘parenting orders’. The child should always be given the best chances even before the prospect like shared custody is considered.

In the new law the factors such as family violence should be taken into account at the time of finalizing the parenting arrangements. The factors were of course considered even before the revision. The legislators decided that a new list of factors regarding the risk of violence is to be added in the parenting arrangement section which the courts will consider accordingly.

To determine the appropriate amount of child support payments and also to decide the appropriate marital settlements amounts, the Bill-78 will now permit the both the side to make an application to the Canada Revenue Agency for vivid income information. Wilson-Raybould said that many requests were made to her to try and change this section of law, so that more information regarding the income become clear to all making the decisions of child support amount easier. Family law lawyers in Oakville understand the need to change the section which is related to income, and will provide a clear path for it clients to wade through all the difficulties of divorce.

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The changes would mean that the court now has to consider the dynamics of relation between the child and their grandparents, parents and others. They should also consider the cultural, spiritual and linguistic heritage of the child and should make the decision likewise. The parents should also give notice to the court before moving in other part of the country, so that the court can decide whether the move is good for the child.

Family law lawyers in Oakville agree with the law makers that the emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing of a child is more difficult than anything else. Keeping that in mind they promise their clients the best of services in the field of divorce and marriage related legal problems