Criminal Lawyers in Toronto Can Save From Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault is a serious crime in Canada. Under Criminal Code of Canada, when a person is charged with a sexual assault crime, it is crucial to take the help of experienced criminal lawyers in Toronto. However, make sure that the lawyer you are hiring is experienced in the field of sexual assault. This is because the field of criminal law and very vast. And you need to take the help of an expert in that particular field under which you have been framed.


Getting Arrested Is Not a Good Thing

If you have been arrested for sexual assault and other related charges, it can affect you personally and professionally. It is bound to affect your honor. Often, people charged and arrested with sexual assault can lose their job. It can also affect the personal relationship of the accused person.

So whether you are guilty of sexual assault or not, you must first have a clear understanding of sexual offence. Or what sexual assault charges is all about. In order to help you having a clear understanding about it, you can take the help of criminal lawyers in Toronto. The lawyers having wide years of experience in this field will help you to understand the thing very clearly.


criminal lawyers in Toronto


Understanding Sexual Assault Charges

 According to the criminal Code of Canada sexual assault can be clearly explained as the act of grievous harm committed under certain circumstances, where the sexual integrity of a victim gets violated. In other words, any kind of unwanted physical contact from an unknown person can be considered as a sexual assault.

If a person is convicted of sexual assault, it can lead to severe penalties like jail term and huge amount of fine.


Take Expert Help

If you feel that you have been wrongly convicted and you are not guilty of committing any kind of sexual assault, you must take the help of leading criminal lawyers in Toronto. The lawyers with their wide years of experience in this field will easily defend your case and see to it that you receive a fair trial at Court.


Talk with You

The criminal attorney will, first talk with you against the charges and allegations. They will listen to you in details about the instances that lead to your arrest. They will consider if the assault that has taken place is sexual in nature or not.


Talk with Investigating Officer

If criminal lawyers in Toronto feel then they can even talk with investigating officers and forensic team. They will try to investigate the case form their end so that the prosecutor presents only the correct facts in front of the judge.


Best Defense Strategy

The criminal lawyer will do their best to protect the rights of their clients, especially when charged with sexual assault. They will come up with the best defense strategy so that it can defend the clients and save them from false accusation.


Being charged for sexual assault always puts the reputation of the accused at risk. However, if one takes the help of criminal lawyers in Toronto, they can get the best defense for any charges of sexual assault.